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Hwoyee also has the production capacity of different latex giant colored balloons. There are green, yellow, red, black and blue, they are mainly used for festival celebration, party decoration, promotional advertising, special flight test or high altitude test, etc. Besides the existing sizes and styles, we can also customize different sizes and styles according to customers’ requirements. If you have any new balloons and more balloon styles or balloon-shaped latex products you want to develop, please contact us for the best solution!

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1. Fast delivery: We are a professional manufacturer of party products with a large inventory.

2. Professional research and design team: We have professional colleagues to make your design a real product.

3. Exclusive customer service: Our colleagues provide you with comprehensive service and one-stop shopping.

4. Advantage: factory direct price

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Giant balloon to get inside | We are the only manufacturer in China with this type of balloon size and we are very proud to have it at your disposal! The balloon are sold by unit, they are ideal for birthdays and social events. We have a great variety of colors!


In hwoyee balloons we care about the planet, that is why we only use bio-compostable ecological inputs based on natural rubber .

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The colors of our balloons are 100% natural. odorless and chemical free, complying with FDA standards, so they can be near food. Also, our balloons have no added plasticizers.


Our latex balloons are colorful, economical and offer the flexibility to be inflated with helium, air or even liquid, such as water. The nature of latex makes them resistant to breakage. 100% of the waste is recycled.

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Hwoyee Balloons

We have been manufacturing balloons for more than 40 years, with the commitment to achieve great moments of joy and to be an unforgettable part of people's celebrations.

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The most perfect giant balloon pack for your green themed wedding and formal event, birthday party, bridal shower, baby shower or any other special occasion.Use for graduation parties, proposal, anniversary, or bachelorette party. Mix and match with other colors to create that perfect atmosphere in your desired theme.

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High Quality

Thicker and much strong than typical balloons for longer lasting fun. Blows up to a whopping 36 inches big; inflate by mouth, air pump or helium (helium or pump recommended).Ideal for indoor or outdoor photo shoots, festivals and event decorations. Made of premium, helium-quality pure latex. 100% eco-friendly.

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Address:No. 818 Xinhua East Road, Zhuzhou, Hunan 412003 China.

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